Historic Reproductions of Ore Cars, etc.

As a sideline to industrial machinery fabrication, Melcher Brothers Inc., also fabricates historical ore cars used in Colorado mines  between the 1860's and up until the 1950's.  Here is a sample of our products.  For full details, pricing, and shipping visit www.orecars.com


Scoop Cars

Scoop CarThe scoop car was popular in early small mines with low headroom.  It could be tilted down and loaded by scooping into it rather than having to shovel over the sides.  It has a 360 degree turntable that allows it to align with the material to be loaded.

For pricing and details visit: www.orecars.com




End Dump CarEnd Dump Cars

End dump cars show the evolution of mining cars from boxes on wheels to much more efficient designs.  The end gate and hinging the box to the wheel frame allowed dumping the heavy ore load by a single miner.

For pricing and details visit: www.orecars.com



Side Dump Cars

side dump carThere are many types of side dump cars.  The one we reproduce is called a "Gable Car" because its floor has two slopes which peak at the center.  The side opening doors allow the ore to be dumped out each side.

For pricing and details visit: www.orecars.com





Visit www.orecars.com

Our full line of historic ore cars and other "mining reproduction items" is available on www.orecars.com.  We build 1/3 to full size car replicas that exactly follow the original design used in Colorado mines in the late 1800's.  The replicates are build of steel and are fully operational.  We also use our trademarked five spoke wheel.  Cars are available in both welded or riveted construction.  Correct scale rail sections may also be ordered for each size car.

MBI can reproduce most types of historic mine cars. 
Contact us at 970 247-2882 with your specific needs.

MBI Quality

Knight Sky

Knight Sky

The Knight Sky is our most recent heavy railcar.  It is a 50 foot open observations car with glass roof.  The Knight Sky is now in premium service on the Silverton & Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Quality Shines

As a custom job shop, we survive on our product quality and our ability to customize products to fully meet the customer's needs.  

At Melcher you can work with the designers to ensure that the end product is just what you need.


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Mining is worldwide. Melcher Bros is proud to supply custom mining equipment to various countries as demand warrants.  Some past custom equipment orders are for gold mining operations in South America.