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Melcher Brothers Inc. is located at the Animas Skypark south of Durango, Colorado



Plant & Office Address:

Melcher Brothers Inc.
122 S Skylane
Durango, CO 81303-6060



Phone:  970 247-2882
Fax:       970 259-3921



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Ownership & History:

Melcher Brothers has a long history in the Durango, Colorado area.  Jim and Bill Melcher were involved in the mining and heavy construction business for many years. Their work includes such notable projects as renovation of the historic Silverton town hall after the fire,  renovation of the Silverton American Legion Building and installation of a new boiler in the Silverton Court House.

They were involved in hard rock mining in Southwest Colorado.  One notable project was design, fabrication and installtion of a two thousand foot tramway to a mine near Silverton.

Jim Melcher has also been a member of "Engineers without Borders" and has worked in Ecuador to install a clean-water system for a small mountain village.  Jim and Bill formed Melcher Brothers Inc. in 1977 and build the current plant in 2001.

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Melcher Quality

Knight Sky

Knight Sky

The Knight Sky is our most recent heavy railcar.  It is a 50 foot open observations car with glass roof.  The Knight Sky is now in premium service on the Silverton & Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Quality Shines

As a custom job shop, we survive on our product quality and our ability to customize products to fully meet the customer's needs.  

At Melcher you can work with the designers to ensure that the end product is just what you need.


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Mining is worldwide. Melcher Bros is proud to supply custom mining equipment to various countries as demand warrants.  Some past custom equipment orders are for gold mining operations in South America.